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13/100: Par for the cake!

My dad turned 60 this past month! To celebrate, my brothers and I arranged a surprise family trip for him (with the helpful nudging and planning of our friend Jiahong!). My brother Ben recently had an adorable baby boy named Winston who is still a bit young to fly, so it was a no brainer for me and my twin Eric and his wife Kyria to meet up in Seattle where Ben, Tristan, and Win live. Additionally, they have a beautiful house that feels like home and in which they are absolutely wonderful hosts. As I said, no brainer!

Eric and Kyria and I got into Seattle before my dad (who had absolutely no idea we would be there) and we started scheming: how do we surprise him? We settled on "let's just sit in the house and pretend like it's totally normal that we're in Seattle." Joke was on us, however because when my dad walked through the door he simply said: "oh, hey." Even though he swears he was surprised and had absolutely no idea, he's got the play it cool…

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